Friday, April 6, 2012

Sudoku, Finger Arts Questions

The following is part of an ongoing  conversations with Finger Arts.

It has to do with them giving me some idea of the time's of the very high scores of games.

Can anyone help me?

Sudoku Scoring
You say that when you match a number, that points are determined by the number matched times the multiplier.  So If you are starting a game on the expert level the multiplier is x156. If you immediately match a nine you receive 1404 points.
This scenario assumes the game starts with no numbers on the board .
So,  if you were to place all 9 of the 9's before the multiplier reduced itself you would score 12636 points.  1404 x 9.
Clean board, you complete a column or line or a box with 1 thru 9 while the multiplier is at 156, you would score 7020 points. if you complete all 9 columns or lines with their 1 thru 9, your total score would 63180.   9 x 7020.
If it were possible that each of the 81 spaces could hold a 9 and you filled them using the 156 multiplier, your total score would be 113724. Each space worth 1404 x 81. 
The above numbers would be the highest possible numbers to score in an impossible best case scenario.  But they are lower than almost all actual scores. Particularly the 137872 score.
This scoring scenario is not possible.  Some numbers are on the board when the game starts, The clock is running and the multiplier is decreasing, no one solves where each number goes immediately.  You might find a few numbers to place before you start looking for candidates, but the clock is running.  If you're playing on an IPAD, even the most adept finger movement takes some time.  So in your scoring explanation is there a hidden reference to bonus points?  That is more than the value of the number times the multiplier.  If there are bonus points are the also points that reduced? A Penalty?
Your explanation of scoring with my questions:
We added points to each number
(does that mean that if I solved a 9, you added additional points to the 9 and then multiplied)
and a multiplier which decreases with time. So when you match a number you receive points multiplied by the multiplier. So, for instances if you solve all 9's first, you'll receive more points than solving all 1's first.
(does this mean that assuming the multiplier is decreasing,  that by solving the highest numbers first, that your score will be higher because the decreasing multiplier will become smaller as you get to the lower numbers? Or there is a bonus added because you did it in a certain order?)
The same applies to each block. When you solve all numbers 1 - 9 in a block, then you'll receive more points than solving arbitrarily various numbers in various blocks.
(Does this mean that you get bonus points for completing a block? Like when the column or line rolls over? Does that rolling over give you a bonus? )


  1. I consider myself to be pretty good at Sudoku. I usually complete a Expert level puzzle on Finger Arts Sudoku2 in around 12 - 15 minutes. Yet my scores are almost always between 70,000 and 80,000. My highest score so far is about 81,000. It would be great to know how to get the big scores seen in the OpenFeint leader board! There must be a trick to it (other than cheating).

  2. I too always play the expert level. My highest has been 85,000.

  3. I still can't figure out how the scoring is happening when a block gets completed. The additional score isn't even a multiple of the multiplier!

    My highest is 84851

  4. I have played 575 games of which 547 'perfect'
    high score 87143 - only time over 85000
    best time 4:12
    Scoring is a mystery - - - a great game can get a mediocre score and a lousy game 80000+

    1. That has puzzled me also. I have what I consider a lousy game and get an 84,000 score. And I complete a great game in six minutes and get seventy-something. It makes no sense.
      Best 85,413. Over 81,000 3 out of four times, but cannot break through that plateau.

    2. That has puzzled me also. I have what I consider a lousy game and get an 84,000 score. And I complete a great game in six minutes and get seventy-something. It makes no sense.
      Best 85,413. Over 81,000 3 out of four times, but cannot break through that plateau.

  5. 701 games, 87,299 high score. Came here to find out how it works. It is a mystery to me.

  6. 87895 you seem to get higher scores by completing the boxes as early as possible. Also, you seem to get higher scores if you have a consistent rhythm - not sitting there thinking too long. Instill do not understand how the scoring works - some crappy time score way above very fast times. My best time 3:58 - but that was not my high score. You also score high even utilizing the 3 x's judiciously. Good luck all.

  7. best time for expert is 2:57 and best score is 87,547. I notice that when i solve for each number - getting all 9's, then all 8's, etc - I have best time and worst score. Slower times from solving each row or column one at a time - but best scores. Sometimes the row wins 5k points, sometimes 3k, then 6k - i think this game is not scientifically scored.

  8. ya i noticed that the fastest completion time doesn't bring you the highest score, my fastest one were around 4:00 but my highest score comes from the game completed at about 10mins....

  9. Great game !
    I've played 429 games
    high score 88,160
    best time 3:06
    still, scoring is a mystery for me

  10. well, someone wrote a program to solve it, the computer calculates the result within 1 second, then just input the answer with our fingers which would take normally 2 mins, guess what? only 85000 points!

    I still can not understand how these guys got such high scores, ==!

  11. Does anyone know of a site where it has the fastest times? I know most go scores (which is not an exact science)

    Flash: 1:00
    Easy: 1:23
    Medium: 1:36
    Hard: 1:57
    Expert: 1:45 (Yes faster than the Hard Level)

  12. Scoring system a mystery to me too, I have done 88,086 on expert and it was done on a timing of 5:36. My fastest time is 3:46 and it was a 83,500odd. I wonder if there is any link to the order of numbers (for example if you fill them in in an ascending order or other such like). My other (wild) guess is that you get more points for solving it without any lucky clicks, in other words with 100% secure clicks rather than going for 50%-50%s and getting a bit lucky sometimes.

  13. My best score on expert was 86,200
    The I finally tried cheating as someone suggested, took picture, solved, keyed in in about 2 min. My score was 86,648. This was with no mistakes.
    I don't understand how people can get scores greater then 100,000 ?

  14. Best score: 86.864
    best run : 7
    best time: 4:48

  15. This game is 100% luck of the numbers you get at the beginning of the game. Some times you get 26 numbers some 25,24 and the lowest I've seen is 23 numbers you start out with. To get a high score you need to keep restarting until you have only 23 numbers and low numbers. If you start the game with only 23 numbers and few 9's 8's and 7's you will get a high score. The scores above 100,000 seem to be mathematically impossible and I think it's people hacking the scores.

  16. What I’ve noticed is the best scores happen when you finish around 10 minutes at the Expert Level. No surprise, as the time goes beyond 10 minutes, the score is lower. What is a surprise, if you finish between 8-10 minutes, the score also is lower. This is feeling like a bug.

  17. I have not been able to go score more than 84491. What I am trying to do is go for the best run, which are Flash/350 Easy/300 Medium/300 hard/200 and expert/131 and still working to bring it up to 200. Best time on expert is 5:32 which is pitiful when compared to how others have scored speeding up the game with no errors at all. Whatever, I just enjoy playing Soduku which I do, when I find a great time filler.

  18. I have worked out their second multiplier - have a look and see how it helps you

  19. I have worked out their second multiplier - have a look and see how it helps you

  20. Ok, you guys, how about my highest score is 89,094 done only once, still don't know how they score

  21. My highest score 87926.

    In regard to scoring, I was at an airport once with time to kill so I wrote down exactly what I did and the score for each move, it's a while ago now and I don't have the calculations anymore. From memory, you receive the highest score when completing rows not squares so focus on rows (both horizontally and vertically). You get higher scores when you complete the row with the larger number especially earlier in the game when the multiplier is greatest. So if you have a row with 2 or 3 numbers missing and you can work out the correct placement (which happens regularly), then finish the row with the largest number. You will become better at doing this with practise. The game I just played I got 85404. I get 85000+ quite often.

    Well done Sonya March 5 2016 89094, great score. That's my new goal.

    Mary's point "Sometimes the row wins 5k points, sometimes 3k, then 6k - i think this game is not scientifically scored"..yes, you achieve the higher scores when you complete the row with the largest number. Complete as many rows as early as possible to take advantage of the highest possible multiplier. The scoring seems to be mathematically correct to me.

  22. Best score: 87,531
    Best run: 88 (just crashed at 49)

  23. Its rare that I go below 80,000.....generally time related. I think filling boxes and lines gives bonuses....high number first. But 274.49 hours and I've never figured out how it scores. My goal is winning streak challenging.

  24. Is it me or some of the games unsolvable unless you guess

  25. I have long given up trying to break my best scores and best times. Now I just concentrate on setting the best run for all categories. I try not to make mistakes and have been successful in reaching the best run of 800 for each of the first 3 categories. The pain is breaking the run when I have already reached over 700 and have to start my run from 0, as what happened in the HARD and EXPERT categories. Here is where I stand now: : FLASH Best score/8431, Best Run/800, Best Time/1:45. EASY Best score/12682, Best Run/800, Best Time/2:25. MEDIUM Best Score/27449, Best Run/800, Best Time/3:44, HARD Best Score/60151, Best Run/795, Best Time 4:31, EXPERT Best Score/85310, Best Run/766, Best Time 4:25. P.S. I have been playing Sodoku for many years now. I started playing Sudoku on print (so I could erase my mistakes) and never bothered with scores. There is no erasing for Finger Arts Sudoku, although there is the option of using HINT. I just love the game. I usually play it anywhere where waiting to be served is necessary.

  26. here is a video of a bot playing

    high score is 91,849